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VETO - VErsioned Tests Overseer

Veto is a test management tool that allows you to run the relevant tests, all the relevant tests, and nothing but the relevant tests. Veto is designed to work in projects maintained by version control systems such as CVS. Veto makes use of a build tool such as make to automate running all/new/changed/relevant tests, and makes it easy to integrate this into the normal build procedure of the project.

Veto is implemented as a Perl script. It should work on any UNIX-like operating system (including Cygwin).

For those familiar with Aegis, Veto can be thought of as that part of Aegis that manages the tests (including the ability to to ensure new tests fail when applied to the baseline). However, unlike Aegis, Veto is agnostic of the version control methodology and work flow being used, and allows more control over the testing policy.

Veto is hosted by SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/veto. There you can get the latest version and access the documentation. Developers are welcome!